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20/20 Insight GOLD - is easily customised to meet your needs

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With 20/20 Insight GOLD, you can tailor almost any aspect of a feedback project - at no extra charge! You can customise all these project elements:

Survey Areas - Modify any of the 1,200+ items in our Survey Library, and add your own survey areas, categories and items to the Library.

Measurement scales -
Create scales from 2 points to 12 points in length. You can use different scale names and descriptors for each category.

Types of projects -
Request any kind of multi-source input or feedback. Use scales, open-ended questions or a combination of both.

- Have respondents enter comments for every item. Also, include end-of-category or end-of-survey questions for additional comments. You can even display comments by relationship type in the report.

Relationship types - Choose from standard perspectives such as peer, team member and manager, or create customized relationship types for break-out in reports.

Instructions and messages -
Customise on-screen instructions for respondent assessments as well as the email messages you sent to participants.

Developmental recommendations - Three leadership surveys (Executive Leadership, Team Leadership and Personal Leadership) contain recommendations for development for every item. You can edit the recommendations or add locally available resources for any survey item.

Report formats - Select from dozens of report templates or create your own. Print report sections in any sequence you like. Insert customised text pages anywhere in the report.

Report printing - View reports onscreen before printing. You can print to a PDF file or a hard copy, and you can automatically email the PDF report to subjects.


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