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20/20 Insight GOLD - Feedback Tools


Why feedback is essential in the current business environment

  • Do some of your managers and supervisors lack key leadership skills, resulting in low engagement and high turnover?
  • Have you invested money in training and development programs, only to find that people aren't changing their behaviour back on the job?
  • Are you unsure how your customers or clients feel about your company's products and services?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then let us help you.

Organisations and individuals thrive on feedback. We need to know how our stakeholders feel about the services we provide. It is feedback that provides the impetus for development and change.

matrix vision uses the most customisable feedback platform available today - 20/20 Insight GOLD. This highly flexible state of the art survey technology can provide organisations, leaders and individuals contributors with all the feedback they'll need to make permanent changes in behaviou. This will result in more effectively meeting stakeholder needs and improved job performance.


Organisations have two options for using 20/20 Insight GOLD

Outsource survey administration to matrix vision - who will perform all the administration services for you. Software purchase is not required and, confidential information is stored off-site.

Purchase the 20/20 Insight GOLD software - Some organisations want to purchase the software and manage administration in-house. Installation is quick and easy (on a PC or network drive).


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20/20 Insight GOLD


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