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20/20 Insight GOLD - offers unsurpassed flexibility

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Individual Surveys

Measuring performance improvement - Administer customised surveys based on course objectives before and after training to determine if the skills taught in training transfer to improved performance on the job.

Leadership development - Diagnose skill strengths and areas for development of executives, managers and supervisors.

Managers' coaching skills - Find out how effective managers are at coaching their direct reports about on-the-job performance.

Individual skill development - Have team members give each other feedback about personal leadership, team interaction and workplace skills.

Team and Organisation Surveys

Team development - Assess team issues by collecting input from a variety of customers and stakeholders.

Needs assessment -
Study aggregate performance data to decide how much to invest for training and development programs.

Organisational climate surveys - Collect information about your organisation's vision, values, policies, structure, communication and management support.

Post-training survey of organisational support - Survey participants of your training programs to find out if the current policies and systems support the application of new skills.

Customer satisfaction surveys -
Get feedback from customers to find out what you need to change to create loyal customers.

Special Applications

Competency development - Get feedback about draft competency lists. Ask stakeholders to rate the importance of the behaviours.

Market Research - When you're considering a new product or service, gather input first from potential and current customers to find out what they really want.


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