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20/20 Insight GOLD - Self-Development Toolkit

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What are you doing to help employees reinforce new skills?

Most learning takes place after formal instruction. So follow-up reinforcement is critical to ensure participants actually use newly learned skills back on the job. But often employees don’t have the tools that will help them develop new work habits.

The Self-Development Toolkit: 10 Strategies and 10 Tools to Help You Improve Your Performance will help employees take charge of their ongoing development in the workplace.



This 31-page eBook by Dennis E. Coates, Ph.D., coaches individual learners to use fundamental time-tested strategies and tools:

  • Accept and make use of feedback

  • Create a plan for building on strengths and working on areas that need improvement

  • Make the most of training

  • Get coaching

  • Ingrain new skills on the job

  • Use self-encouragement

Each of the 10 self-development strategies is paired with a tool to facilitate action and get results.

EVERY employee will benefit from the Self-Development Toolkit:

  1. The principles, strategies and tools are based on 20 years of scientific research about how the brain learns new skills.

  2. It’s a re-usable resource. Each learner has permission to print copies of each tool indefinitely for their own use.

  3. It has interactive online components. Users have unlimited access to online performance analysis tools:

    • A 16-item self-assessment to determine reasons for specific performance problems, plus a strength analysis worksheet.
    • Reports that show which performance factors are the major reasons for the problem: Self-awareness, Ability, Motivation or Support.
    • General developmental activities to improve performance.


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