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20/20 Insight GOLD - Customer Satisfaction Survey Report on Tech Support

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In the summer of 2008, Performance Support Systems (PSS), the developers of 20/20 Insight GOLD, launched a research survey to determine the level of satisfaction with the technical support services. Seventy-four percent of a sample of recent technical support customers (114 of 154) completed the survey.

A 10-point agreement scale with 5 items was used. The items and corresponding average score are shown here:

Responds promptly if I have technical support needs.  
Provides reliable and dependable technical support.  
Resolves my problem quickly.  
Resolves my problem to my satisfaction.  
Is always courteous and professional when dealing with me.  

In addition, several hundred comments related to the five items and to these two open-ended questions were collected:


  • What do you like best about your interactions with our technical support team?
  • How can we improve our service to you?


A few representative comments from the report

"Your team has been fantastic, courteous, and most professional...compared to other service response teams, you are in a different league than every other organisation!"

"Your current service level is excellent...the best I have seen in any industry."

"It is actually a pleasure to speak with tech support because of the friendly and courteous attitude extended to callers. Makes you feel like part of the PSS family!"

"Your team truly understands the definition of customer service."


Survey Report image

Get the full report

We used our versatile software, 20/20 Insight, which can be used for performance measurement and a host of other applications, to collect the data.

If you'd like to see the final report (22-page PDF file) with all comments and ratings, contact us and we'll send it to you:


Using 20/20 Insight for a customer satisfaction survey is amazingly easy, fast and economical

You can find out what your customers think about your company and service, too! When you own 20/20 Insight, you can:

  • Select just the right items from our extensive Customer Satisfaction survey or hundreds of other survey items, or create your own - EASY
  • Set up a survey like this in less than an hour - FAST
  • Use just one subject license (typically less than $100) to collect data from any number of respondents, at no extra charge - ECONOMICAL






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