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20/20 Insight GOLD - Survey Software

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People need timely information about their performance in order to improve it. More than a million people have participated in feedback projects since 20/20 Insight's first release in 1994. They have seen, first hand, the benefits of the quality information that has been collected and delivered by our easy-to-use software


20/20 Insight GOLD gives organisations the ability to collect virtually any type of feedback - ideas, opinions, ratings, surveys or facts - from any number of people about the performance of a project, service, individual, team or even an entire company. Customised feedback reports can easily be generated and distributed using this highly flexible system.

The 20/20 Insight GOLD system is the world's first fully integrated family of feedback and individual development planning software, making it the complete feedback solution.

This is a powerful, cost-effective solution. Use the20/20 Insight GOLD software to quicly set up customised surveys that measure the performance of a person, a team, or the entire organisation.

You can collect 360-degree feedback for leaders (or any employee), measure the effectiveness of your training and development programs, conduct customer satisfaction surveys, and much more - all with ONE software package


You'll find a complete SYSTEM that includes both assessment and development. You get tools that help people practice a new skill until it becomes ingrained. Later, you can use the software to measure whether performance has improved - to make sure your training and development programs stick.


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