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20/20 Insight GOLD - Survey Creation


When you work with matrix vision, we manage all the details! We have spent years creating quality survey you don't have to. We'll work with you to gather the information needed for your project.


  1. Participants - Names of individuals, team or organisation to receive feedback (Subjects) along with the names of people who will provide feedback (Respondents).
  2. Relationships - Word or phrase that describes how each Respondent is related to a given Subject (eg. Manager, Peer, Direct Report, etc.)
  3. Survey Items - The broad categories and specific items to be used in the survey. Select from the extensive library of over 2,000 items or provide your own list of competencies.
  4. Scales - Used to measure the Subject's performance on a given item. Select from the standard set or provide us with your own.
  5. Summary Questions - Optional open-ended, comment-only items that appear at the end of the survey.
  6. Reports - Review the sample reports and identify the sections you'd like to include.


The standard method of delivering assessments to participants is via the web. Respondents receive an email notifying them about the assessment, with a link to their log-in page.

NOTE: If web-based assessments are not feasible for some people in your organisation, diskette or paper-based assessments are available for an additional fee.


Have questions or need more information on our survey administration service? Please contact us.




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