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20/20 Insight GOLD - Technical Requirements

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Listed below are the minimum computer capabilities needed to operate Version 4 of 20/20 Insight GOLD.


Administration Software

  • Operating system: Windows 2000, XP or higher
  • RAM: 256 MB minimum
  • Hard disk space:
    30 MB for software
    30 MB (average) for data files
  • Accessories: Mouse, CD-ROM drive


Email configuration

  • Extended MAPI-compliant email software, such as MS Outlook, used for e-mail notification of subjects and respondents


WebResponse Software (for INTERNAL SERVER only)

  • Web Server administration and support
    A qualified web server administrator on staff who will:
    - Install WebResponse
    - Create a virtual directory
    - Assign permissions
    - Maintain, monitor and troubleshoot the Internet Information Server and SQL Server

  • Server
    - Windows 2000 Server SP2 or greater
    - Internet Information Server 5.0 or greater
    - Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or greater





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