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20/20 Insight GOLD - WebResponse

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The WebResponse Software operates on a web server and connects to the Administration Software. With a single click, you upload project questionnaires to WebResponse and download completed assessments to the Administration Software.

When you log in to WebResponse, you'll see this screen for a specific project. Here you'll control the settings for subjects and respondents, send notifications and reminders to participants, and track their progress.


WebResponse diagram1

Subject Selection of Respondents

You can assign repondents to each subject within the Administration Software (see Step 5 of Project Manager), OR you can permit subjects to select their own respondents on the web. With the second option, you can set up different levels of subject control. You can permit them to select or de-select names from a list you provide and indicate each person's relationship to them...

WebResponse diagram2

...and you can also give subjects permission to add names and email addresses of individuals.

WebResponse diagram3

Respondent Assessments

Survey participants access web assessments online with a secure username and password. If they forget their password, a reminder link sends them an email without involving the administrator.

WebResponse diagram4

Flexible settings let you include one item per page or all items for a given category on a single page (shown here). Respondents can answer just a few questions, save what they've done, and return later to respond to the rest.

WR diagram5

Upon completion of their questionnaires, participants can review their reponses for each question on a single page. They can make changes until you take the project off-line.




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