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Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

matrix vision Leadership Coaching is a proven process that focuses on developing individuals at varying levels, in medium and large organisations, to improve their leadership effectiveness.

The process is robust, results driven, and aligns individual development with the strategic initiatives of the organisation.

The Implementation

According to the organisational needs and the level and experience of the individual, matrix vision provides a variety of assistance in personalised Leadership Development where one or all of the following processes are relevant.

Skill Development

The identification of specific and immediate skills an individual needs to develop in order to improve in their current position or project. The outcome is the establishment of specific, business-focused coaching goals.

Performance Development

This area focuses on the individual's current job and addresses the need to improve their overall leadership performance and prevent career derailment. The coaching goals tend to be more long-term and less critical than skills coaching.

Career Development

Focusing on the individual's future job and the preparation for a career move often are part of succession planning. This type of coaching looks more deeply at individual behaviour and may involve 'unlearning' bad habits as much as developing new ones. In most cases, this level of coaching is more threatening as it addresses personal awareness and growth.

Executive Agenda

This involves the most senior executives in an organisation where the coach becomes a confidante and sounding board for ideas and decisions. This executive coaching takes in the 'big picture' organisational issues and deals with more sensitive issues the CEO or business unit manager cannot confide to their own executives. It can also involve issues of image, status and the effective management of both public and organisational perceptions.


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