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Gaining Change Skills


In conjunction with Spencer Johnson and Partners and their Australian training program representative, matrix vision is pleased to be able to provide the premier change program to help organisations manage their change initiatives.

The new Who Moved My Cheese? Training program helps individuals develop change skills that make a difference in their work – and in their lives.

Based on the #1 bestselling book, Who Moved My Cheese? by Dr. Spencer Johnson, this new half-day program brings together simple ideas, non-threatening materials, and entertaining videos that give people the skills to face change and succeed.


  • New Half-day format saves time and makes it easy to use in a wide variety of training programs.
  • Relevant exercises help people focus on changing situations at work
  • Teaches skills that not only help people at work, but also in their lives.
  • Based on simple, proven principles from the world’s most widely read book on change.
  • Easy-to-use materials, new video clips and exercises make the training entertaining and effective.



Gaining Change Skills That Help You Succeed In Changing Times

Understanding the four change skills
“Who Moved My Cheese” Movie 

Where You Stand

Discovering Your Current Change Skills

What scares and excites us about change?
Completing the Change Profile

Sniff: Skill #1 - Anticipating Change

"Sniffing out what will most likely happen next"

Sniff What is the handwriting on the wall telling us? Developing the skill of anticipating change at work




Scurry: Skill #2 - Taking New Actions Now

"Scurrying into action to get new results"


What if you don’t have a map to the maze? What if you fall into a pit? How can bits of New Cheese lead you to take new actions? Developing the skill of taking new actions at work





Hem: Skill #3 - Moving Beyond Fear

"Recognising fear and moving beyond it"


Letting go of Old Cheese Developing the skill of moving beyond fear at work




Haw: Skill #4 - Imagining Real Success

"Imagining real success leads you to it"


How to feel happier, less stressed and more in control Imagining real success at work





Bringing It Together

Using Your Change Skills to Succeed

Determining your Change Profile Understanding your change profile Using your individual change skills at work



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