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Innovation and Creative Skills


Innovation is the most important competitive advantage that enables a company to thrive in today's business environment. The secret of innovative companies lies in the capacity to leverage the talent and motivation of their people.

The people that work in any organisation can provide the source for creativity and innovation that can take an organisation to new heights. However, there are often no processes in the organisation to encourage, capture and use the ideas of people closest to the action.

This interactive workshop will develop the creative problem solving skills of those who attend. They will learn to use tools that can help understand the challenges facing the business, generate creative ideas and take the action necessary to choose and implement solutions.

Participants will explore the areas of:

  • The Innovation/Creativity ProcessInnovation
  • Thinking Styles - understanding that we approach problems differently
  • Divergent & Convergent Thinking
  • Creative opportunity statements to clarify the challenge
  • Using idea generation tools to encourage innovation
    • Brainstorming
    • Brainwriting
    • Thinking Hats
    • Team Data Handling
  • Using tools for focusing options
    • Highlighting
    • Musts/Wants
    • Evaluation Matrix
  • How to implement the new ideas


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