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Keynote Presentations


Barry McMaster

Barry McMaster


Known for his sharp insightful and often humorous presentations, Barry is in high demand to speak at conferences and meetings in Australia and overseas.

Keynote presentations include:

Leadership that gets Results

Leaders earn their money by achieving results. This presentation provides the keys to leadership effectiveness.

Building a Better You

This exciting presentation, based on the work of success psychologists, as well as Barry's own personal observations and experience, is about how you can use proven success principles to help you get what you want out of life.

Managing Outstanding Performance

Why don't people always deliver the performance you need? There are only a few reasons why this is the case. This presentation helps you identify and overcome the obstacles to performance.

Helping People Deal with Change

An entertaining and inspiring presentation to help people prepare for the ever-increasing changes in today's world, based on the lessons from Dr Spencer Johnson's best selling book 'Who Moved my Cheese?'

The Service Difference

We are rewarded to the extent that we provide service to others. This presentation shows how individuals and organisations can make the service difference.

Why aren't you like Me?

Understanding the differences and diversity in human beings can allow us to be powerful communicators. This presentation provides the key.






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