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Management / Leadership Development


Management TraineesHighly successful organisations have always intuitively known the value of developing their own people. Recent research has now proven that such an approach leads to improved bottom line results, increased market share and greater employee retention.

matrix vision is concerned about helping organisations build their bench strength in terms of leadership.


We offer two great leadership development programs.

Leaders of the Future Program


This program is designed to assist organisations to identify high potential managers and develop their leadership skills through a structured training program. We work with your executive team to prepare these people to ensure the continuation of the business.

Key Objective

To fast track high potential managers and/or staff to a level of competence and confidence which enables them to assume more senior roles within your organisation.

Three Learning Pathways

The Leaders of the Future Program involves three key learning pathways:

  • Feedback against Leadership Competency Model
  • Group Learning Process
  • Action Learning Project

Key Results & Benefits

The primary result of implementing the Leaders of the Future Program into your organisation is two-fold. Firstly, you will have a group of highly motivated people who are committed to the objectives of the organisation as well as their own development. Secondly, your pool of leaders will be deeper and more highly skilled allowing you more flexibility to call on them as and when required.

The Leaders of the Future Program

  • Replaces development by accident with a structured and targeted approach.
  • Develops a high potential team to fill senior roles.
  • Creates a 'pool' of talent for future organisational needs.
  • Increases the level of loyalty, commitment, enthusiasm and productivity.


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Exceptional Leaders Program

The Exceptional Leadership Program is an innovative leadership development program designed to grow exceptional leaders in order to enhance and sustain your business.

It is based on the belief that truly effective leadership involves two essential elements:

Heart - Those qualities and principles that cause good leaders to become exceptional. Principles such as Character and Values, Belief in People, Emotional Maturity, Personal Capability, Passion for Success and Courage.

Hands - Those practical skills that, when applied effectively, "make things happen". Skills that provide professionalism and consistency to a leader's role such as, developing and articulating vision, strategic execution, managing performance and leading change.



We tailor the program to address your organisation's unique needs and deliver an integrated program which includes:

  • A series of face to face workshops
  • Personalised coaching
  • Personal development plans
  • A monthly leadership newsletter
  • Regular leadership articles and web connections

Key Benefits

The development of leadership capability in your organisation is critical. The exceptional Leadership Program will:

  • Maximise leader performance in both efficiency and effectiveness
  • Create an organisational that leads - doesn't follow
  • Assist in maintaining a competitive edge
  • Help improve innovation and creativity
  • Build an organisation that demonstrates people development


In addition, matrix vision has worked with organisations to customise their own Leadership Programs, including the development of Frontline Leaders.


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