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Managing Our Time


Why does it seem like we never have enough time and that many of us spend our days rushing around?  With increased demands on our time from work, family life, technology and other activities it feels like our life is no longer our own.  The key is to budget our time well and then make the most of it.

Managing Our Time is a way to develop and use processes and tools for maximum efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.  It involves mastery of a set of skills for assigning priorities for tasks, setting goals, scheduling, planning and delegating.  At the heart of Managing Our Time is the ability to take charge of the time we have.

Participants will explore the areas of:

  • Time management self assessment managing time
  • The 5 Step Managing Time process
    • Setting priorities
    • Analysing
    • Filtering
    • Scheduling
    • Executing
  • Changing Time Management Habits
  • Managing Time Tools
  • Overcoming Time Wasters
  • Eliminating Procrastination
  • Cutting down interruptions and distractions
  • Managing email
  • Working with paperwork


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