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Power of Teams

The Power of Teams


Informed leaders, on a worldwide basis, are moving away from traditional work structures and creating teams at all levels of their organisations. The result of teams coming together to solve probems, make decisions and initiate action significantly contributes towards organisational success.

However, teamwork does not happen by accident. It requires planning, structuring, monitoring and commitment from team leaders to ensure their teams work to maximum capability. This highly interactive two-day workshop uses exercises, case studies, role plays and group discussions to achieve this.


Key Objectives

By providing tools and skills, this two-day workshop is designed to help leaders build strong, effective teams, set goals, gain commitment, establish clear roles, manage performance, encourage openness, and, maintain results.


Key Results & Benefits

At the end of the workshop, your leaders will be competent in:
  • Using the Team Effectiveness model as a 'thermometer' to check the health of their teams.
  • Setting Team Goals
  • Establishing clear Team Roles.
  • Implementing Team Processes to activate solutions and results.
  • Building strong Team Relationships.
  • Exploring common Team Effectiveness stallers and how to overcome them.
  • Knowing how being a member of an effective team strengthens both self-esteem and self-concept.


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