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Before and After Checklist


Answer these questions BEFORE giving your presentation

  1. Did you ask the right questions (makeup of audience, location of presentation, time limit etc.) after you accepted the invitation to speak?

  2. Did you research your presentation topic?

  3. Is the topic one that you care about?

  4. ChecklistDid you construct a presentation outline?

  5. Is your presentation structured simply and logically?

  6. Do you begin your presentation with an attention getter?

  7. Do you get to the point quickly?

  8. Do you establish your authority in the first minute?

  9. Do you use language that is best suited to your audience – and yourself?  Do you avoid jargon?

  10. Did you check for words you may have trouble with?

  11. Do you involve the audience?

  12. Do you use transitions between thoughts?

  13. Did you eliminate negative passages?

  14. Do your words relate to your visuals (if you use them)?

  15. Do you use humour to establish rapport with the audience?  Is it tasteful?  Does it help you make a point?

  16. If you use anecdotes, do you incorporate them into the natural flow of the presentation?

  17. Do you reinforce your central idea throughout the presentation?

  18. Do you use quotations without overusing them?

  19. Is the amount of detail in your talk balanced?

  20. Can you identify the facts in your presentation that you should and should not include?

  21. Do you review your comments at the end of presentation, thereby reinforcing them?

  22. Did you estimate the length of your talk?

  23. Do you leave time for a question and answer session?

  24. Are you prepared for a question and answer session?

  25. Are you rehearsed?  Have you helped yourself look as though you will be ad-libbing?


Answer these questions AFTER giving your presentation

  1. Did you warm up before starting?

  2. Did you take measures before and during your presentation to help yourself relax?

  3. Did you know when to quit?

  4. Did you finish on time?

  5. Did you rephrase questions that were asked of you?

  6. Did you accomplish you main objective?




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