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Presentation Skills


Consider the following situations:

  • a managing director gives a speech from a podium in front of hundreds of staff;
  • a team leader stands at the front of their team, explaining the new safety procedures;
  • a customer service person explains the benefits of a new product to a customer; or
  • a manager outlines to the executive team a new process that they would like to implement.

All of those situations are very different, yet they all have something in common: They all require presentation skills. And, in these situations, even the most innovative and exciting ideas are often dismissed when the speakers lack those skills.

The presentations we make every day range from impromptu discussions in the hall way to formal speeches behind podiums. They may last 30 seconds or several hours and may include anything from projectors to shadow puppets. But, if they are to be effective, they must include core concepts of communication.


Participants will explore the areas of:

  • Presentation self-assessment
  • Types of presenters
  • Types of presentations
  • Overcoming nervousness
  • Presentation structure
  • Planning a presentation
  • Using visual aids effectively (including PowerPoint)
  • Handling challenging situations
  • Practice presentations


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