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Achieving Professional Sales Excellence

Sales Excellence


Achieving Professional Sales Excellence is a program designed to enhance the skills and capabilities of those people who are responsible for face-to-face sales. The program is based on both scientific research into what makes sales people successful as well as practical experience gleaned over many years. It is a hands-on program that will suit a person who is new to selling, yet provide some new insights to the more seasoned sales professional.

Participants will learn firstly how a disciplined approach to selling will enhance their professionalism. They then learn and apply proven communication techniques that can help them achieve more sales by providing solutions to the Customer's needs. Finally they learn how to improve their interpersonal and influencing skills by understanding how people 'tick'.

This interactive program concentrates on:

  • How a sales person can effectively manage their time.
  • Planning the territory and targeting the right prospects.
  • Planning the sales call and determining objectives, as well as anticipating the client objections.
  • Fundamental communication skills from Listening and Questioning through to Presenting and Confirming.

Sales Success

This program goes beyond theory

It will provide your sales team with the skills, strategies and support they need to create long-lasting client relationships that will continue to generate revenue.



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