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matrix vision is not just about learning and development programs. We provide exceptional services in other areas:



Meetings with large groups of people (especially consensus-building meetings) work better if they are facilitated by someone who does not hold a stake in the outcome of the discussions. We can design and run a process that encourages people to work effectively together on achieving outcomes. Our roll as facilitator is to work with the group to build the agenda and ground rules, and then direct and focus the discussion so that the agenda is accomplished.

matrix vision offers high quality professional facilitation skills that have helped organisations and teams work more effectively together to achieve results.

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Managers are expected to get more results, from fewer people, in less time. This can represent a daunting challenge. Smart leaders recognise that they need to grow and develop their people more than ever before.

Companies are finding that Leadership Coaching delivers tremendous results for leaders and managers committed to growing and retaining their people. Insightful managers and CEO's are investing in Leadership Coaching to position their organisations on the leading edge of business innovation.

matrix vision provides a premium coaching service to managers at all levels, from Frontline Team Leader through to CEO, who are personally interested in their own growth and development. The focus of our unique Leadership Coaching process is to raise levels of awareness and facilitate growth through the development of meaningful learning experiences.

Find out how Leadership Coaching can position your organisation on the leading edge of business innovation

Keynote Presentations

Organisations today recognise the enormous value of using an external keynote speaker as part of their conferences and meetings.

matrix vision's Director, Barry McMaster, has a broad range of knowledge, skills and experience as a communicator and educator. His keynote addresses are motivational, entertaining, and give participants useable ideas and skills that they can apply immediately.

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