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Team Based Leadership


Teamwork skills are now considered essential for individuals and organisational success. Team based learning fosters:

  • Cross Functional Collaboration
  • Shared Decision Making, Responsibilities and Accountability
  • Dialogue within Teams

To successfully introduce Team Based Leadership, matrix vision have created a two-stage development process. It is highly recommended that to achieve quality results, teams should attend both stages of this learning process.

Workshop One - Teamwork Skills

Foundations of Working Together

This experiential introductory program helps set the scene by developing knowledge and skills that enable individuals to proceed to Stage Two of Team Based Leadership. This workshop focuses on establishing effective meeting processes. Those processes (core disciplines) are:

  • Working TogetherTeam Data Handling: A Tool which a team can use to collect and utilise data which encourages involvement from all members.

  • Critique: An approach to develop the philosophy of learning from experience in a way that encourages responsibility and avoids blame.

  • Shared Leadership: A philosophy of encouraging team members to take responsibility for team success.

The methodology used in this workshop is experiential learning. The participants are divided into learning teams and each team practices the core disciplines through a series of structured exercises. In order to have effective teamwork, a team must have agreements in place. These agreements concern the teams goals, roles, processes and relationships. These agreements are established through effective meetings. For effective meetings to exist, strong processes (core disciplines) must be in place.

The Foundations of Working Together workshop is designed to provide skills in those processes for team members to apply in establishing and critiquing agreements, which is covered in further detail in Workshop Two, Team Performance Planning & Development.


Workshop Two - Develop Team Agreements

Team Performance Planning & Development

TPPDThis facilitated workshop is a process that intact teams work through to form the agreements that guide their teamwork. The real power of the formation of agreements is through the cascading effect of decision making from team to team throughout the organisation. This ensures that each team's contribution contributes to the achievement of the businesses overall success. This component is a strong focus of the TPPD workshop.

This workshop is designed to help teams succeed. The TPPD process helps team members understand their role in the team, set objectives, review progress and, improve future performance.


Using the TPPD process, all team members agree on:

  • What the team needs to achieve; and
  • How they will work together to achieve it.

After completing the TPPD process, the team will have:

  • An agreed action plan;
  • A personal plan that sets out what the team expects of each member; and
  • Personal objectives/action points to help each member fulfil these expectations for the coming year.

The TPPD process becomes a cycle where each year the team looks at its agreements, critiques its past performance and develops new agreements and plans. These team plans become the basis of the ongoing individual performance plans.


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