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Some testimonials from clients expressing their thoughts on the results they have achieved through working with matrix vision.


“... Barry had extensive experience in developing Teams and so we engaged him to construct a team development program that was aligned to our Values and our journey of service improvement.

Barry worked with us collaboratively to develop the program that was to be undertaken fully across the organisation. Barry also worked with us to build internal capability through a Train the Trainer Program and a co-facilitation schedule.

As we went into the implementation phase, Barry co-facilitated our executive team sessions and assisted with cascading it further down the organisation. The program is proving to be very successful with extremely positive feedback and demonstrable results.”

Noel Springall 
General Manager Human Resources 
TNT Australia 


"The feedback I have received since the completion of the supervisor development training has been very positive. This feedback is not only from the course participants but also from other members of the team who have, on more than one occasion, commented on the visible changes evident in our business.

.... We had a well-motivated group of individuals, each with a strong personality, working in isolation to try and achieve a common outcome. This often led to confrontation and tension between key players within our team.

The training covered all the aspects of what was needed but I believe that the success of the program can be attributed to much more than just the course content. The custom made package, especially the role-playing component, certainly set you apart from other training providers in delivering a very successful outcome."

Shane Gentle 
Queensland Operations Manager 
Trend Windows & Doors 


"The clear and concise coverage of the topics we chose and the accompanying materials were excellent in not only maintaining everyone's interest, but also in delivering knowledge in a practical way to two, very diverse, groups of attendees.

Your training program greatly assisted in creating a culture where management and the 'shop floor' all understand why we are undertaking change and the benefits associated with it. Consequently, we are now achieving results far more quickly than ever before.

Furthermore, the additional training you undertook for our customer service staff has helped them immeasurably - and our revenue is all the better for it! Thanks again."

Martin Wilson 
General Manager 
Breezway Australia 

"The merger of Insulation Solutions and Tasman Insulation Australia has been a challenge for everyone in the business, not least of all the Management Team. Your facilitation during our planning sessions has been invaluable in helping us develop our strategies and plans, set our priorities, and find ways to resolve our issues.

What I appreciate most about your approach is your flexibility in terms of dealing with the unexpected while staying focused on achieving the desired outcomes. ..........your ability to quickly grasp the content and objectives, and then adapt the process accordingly makes you so effective in these sessions. ........your use of humour makes what can often be a heavy and dry planning session become an enjoyable and rewarding event."

John Balass 
General Manager 
Fletcher Insulation 

"Barry has an extremely non-threatening approach that will often overcome potentially volatile issues. Every programme Barry has led has resulted in a more positive team culture in our business."

Nick Moor 
Logistics and Operations Manager 
Masport Limited 

"........forty-three Safety Health and Environment Champions from diverse functions such as manufacturing, retailing, sales and administration came together to workshop how to implement and imbed a new EH&S system and culture into Barloworld Coatings.

Barry was able to energise the group, raise their accountability around a common cause and assist them to articulate their functional requirements by using a number of creative and expressive techniques. By the end of the workshop, the champions were able to define a vision of success; had developed functional implementation plans; had provided input into the communications plan and had gained an insight into how to influence in their future roles in the organisation.

I would recommend his work to any company in need of superior facilitation skills."

Larissa Long 
Human Resources Manager (Employee Relations) 
Barloworld Coatings (Aust) Pty Limited 

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for presenting to a meeting of our clients from the government sector in Canberra........ Communication is difficult at the best of times, but communication on pay and benefits can be overlaid with emotional responses which get in the way of understanding........

For my part I was not only pleased with the learning outcomes of the session, I was delighted with the delivery. You were able to balance the right amount of theory and practice with light and well thought out humour ensuring that the session was enjoyed by all. The session was interactive and well designed to maintain the interest of a diverse group.

I know you put considerable work into the preparation of the session, taking the time to understand your audience and gain an appreciation of their needs. The session was at all times professional and well timed. The success can be attributed not only to your skill and experience, but also to your careful preparation and planning."

Gyllian McNaught 
General Manager 
ECA International Pty Ltd 

"......thank you for your work in delivering our Leadership Training Workshop to our Management Team in Malaysia. It is obvious that your understanding of the Asian culture enabled our team to not only understand the basis of our leadership philosophy but more importantly to put what they learned into practice.

Leadership and Management training is not the most exciting a subject at the best of times, but your combination of theory and practical sessions ensured that the participants were kept interested and happy to contribute at all times.

The team in Malaysia has definitely benefited from the workshop, moving them at times from sideline spectators to real team members ready to participate in any part of the business."

Gilbert Da Silva 
Breezway Off Shore General Manager 





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